Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plans for the Hot Tub

First of all, let me apologize for the inconvenience of finding the blog.  For some reason, Google Blogger picked up my store URL instead of the blog address.  I'm trying to fix it now.  I tried to change it in my settings but it keeps reverting back to the store.  So bear with me.  I have let them know.  But stay with me!!!!

I have this idea for a hot tub for Rowena's side patio section.  This is one side of a take-out container.  It's the perfect size and Rowena fits in it very well. 

First I plan to paint it -- probably a pretty blue.  I will make several seats for it, too.  Then I have to make a platform for it to sit in.  That will be a challenge for me but I'll let you see how it goes.

I'm also designing a cabana so she can change out of her swimsuit before she goes back into the house. 

I won't put the hot tub down permanently on the rooftop patio.  May want to change it down the road.

I am going to begin on the 1:48 scale houses soon -- maybe even tomorrow.  I'm the type of person who needs several projects at one time.  Are any of you like that?  I'll show you the houses as I remove them from their storage containers.  Some will need refurbishing, I'm sure.

And then I'll start the new houses at the same time.  This will be a fun project!!!

Talk to you soon.  Remember -- stay with me!


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  1. I'm sooo pleased that I'm not the only person who likes (or at least ends up having) several things on the go at once! So many people say how they keep going with one thing until it is completely finished that it makes me feel bad. But I do have to stop getting so many UFOs because I keep getting distracted and going on to something new :)