Sunday, September 2, 2012


Finished the craft room about 90%.  Still have some things to go through.  But tomorrow, Labor Day, I need to work on my gown for the couture challenge and on Tuesday I will begin work.

I am a substitute teacher and have a short-term job in 6th grade math/science.  Should be interesting.  They are so cute when they come in after 5th grade in elementary school.  But it does crimp my style!

So today I made some more flowers for the flower beds.  Quite easy really, especially if you save plastic things.  I had some Pepperidge Farm cookies in the snack pack.  They cookies are in a plastic holder.  I cut the holder apart and used each side for a section. 

You will need some kind of paper (I like aluminum foil or waxed paper).  I used regular white glue (Elmer's has an all-purpose glue that is better than the school stuff).  I had ordered these floral pieces from but they are available elsewhere, I'm sure.

I forgot to add the paint in the pictures.  It's optional but I thought if I painted it brown, it wouldn't be too obvious if it loses a bit of floral pieces.  But I used a dark brown for "dirt."

Then I covered the entire piece with white glue and generously sprinkled the floral stuff all over.  Anything left on the paper can be reused.  And the floral pieces go a long way. 

So I have pictures, of course..  I used three half sections for this flower bed section.  I like that it only cost a few cents!  

Tonight I hope to make some printies to show you tomorrow.  We shall see!


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