Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another wait for drying...

I worked today in a middle school for sixth grade.  I just love sixth graders.  They just absorb everything around them.  I was a bit tired when I got home so I will probably wait to finish the potbellied stove until Saturday. 

Front needs doors

The grouting is finished.  It's actually a tannish color and may look lighter as it dries.  However, that's what chalks are for.  I can always tone it down.  I did have a bit of difficulty piping the grouting in so there were times I had to use a paintbrush.  I have a tiny brush I use for doll eyebrows and it worked well.

I now have to keep my hands off of it until it dries completely. 

The next step will be to put on trim around the opening.  I also plan to finish the one inside wall.  The second floor needs to be glued in place. 

I will begin planning the roof now.  It needs to complement the stones.

My hubby is making the ladder to go to the sleeping area.  Bless that little Dremel tool.  He's using craft sticks and toothpicks.  Then it needs to be stained.

So that's it for today.  Tomorrow when I get home from work, I will check to make sure I didn't miss any grouting spots. 

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Hubby drilling holes for ladder

Until then...


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  1. It looks wonderful! What did you use for grouting and what was the bottle you used like please?