Friday, September 21, 2012

Second building chosen

I worked today and we had dinner at St. Barbara's Greek Festival.  Of course we bought some Greek pastries.  Yum.

I went to both AC Moore and Michael's tonight.  I couldn't get the materials I wanted for the firehouse roof.  I'll be going to Joanne's tomorrow. Maybe something there will catch my eye.  The ladder is done and I have to paint it.  Then I'll glue in the second floor.  I also plan to finish the potbellied stove and make the other things needed.  One thing I forgot to do was to brick the back wall, which will be put back on to keep the inside clean.  Maybe a Sunday afternoon job.

I have decided to do the library next.  I plan to leave the pillars white.  I will probably do siding on the exterior and research it.  Wood paneling inside.  Wood floor with lovely shine.  Bookcases.  Tables.  Lights. 

Notice how roomy it is
What I like about this building is that it's open inside with no added bump outs like the firehouse.  I don't know what I'll do about the roof yet.  I have to research old libraries to see what type of roofs they had.  I was thinking of slate.  Not real, of course, but slate.

Both sides identical
So tomorrow this will be my starting point.  It's Saturday and after our chores, it's a day I set aside for catching up on any crafts, if I can.  I'm hoping to have a bunch of things to show you tomorrow night.  Or not.  And maybe have plans for this building.  LOL

Hope you enjoyed this view before the bashing begins!


  1. That is a great, classical building! I could see a U-shaped balcony on the second level interior with a wrought iron railing...oh, sorry-- I forgot it was YOUR building for a minute! Good luck with it!

  2. John, what a great idea! Lets make lots more work for Pat - add heaps and heaps of books up there too.......Love the building Pat, it will look wonderful.