Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Special gifts to show you

Well, today was the 2nd and last day in the 6th grade classroom.  The new teacher starts tomorrow.  So I'll be home until another substitute teaching job comes along.  So I'm going to prepare the dollhouse for Halloween.

But before that, I found some precious little things that a friend gave to me for Christmas.  I took pictures of a few of them, of course.  Don't you just love the gifts with the bows?  Those bows are quite expensive so I know this was a gift from the heart.

The poinsettias didn't photograph well but you get the idea.  And I love the basket of roses.

And last but not least, the darling wreaths, complete with ornaments, and the decorated broom for the door. 

Tomorrow I start Halloween items.  I am going to start with the two caskets I bought at Michael's last year for only a few cents.  I want to pretty them up. I need the morning to get the items together that I'll need and  I'll do all of the steps here online.  My readers give me the incentive to keep on moving!


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  1. Knowing that people are interested in what you are doing is certainly an incentive to keep going so that you have something to show them :) And it is such fun to share too. Lovely gifts by the way.