Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tools for the future

Today was a sewing day and then it went south.  LOL  I did glue the firehouse second floor into place and it looks great.  I need to do some things to it and then I'll put it on display.

Went to friend's house for pizza tonight but on the way stopped several places.  The first place was the Dollar Store, where I bought these miniature bottles.  They will be potion bottles.  They are actually accents for nail painting.  I'll use the inner beads and such for dollhouse pies and cakes.  And I got 16 of them for $4.00.  I was put on to them by Casey's Minis, an award-winning blog.  I was excited about these finds!

Then I went to Joanne's Fabrics and bought some fabrics for my dolls' wardrobes.  But I also bought a few other things: round wooden pieces in 2 different sizes (great for table tops), a tiny dowel (great for quarter-scale table legs) and the biggest find, two felt squares.  But not the normal felt squares.

One is grey and looks like stone.  The other is brown and looks like a dark stone.  $1.29 each.  I think I'll use them on one of the roofs.

Oh yes, and I didn't take a pic of it but I also bought a spooky wire black Halloween tree.  It's for the quarter-scale village.  It was 40% off.  I think my day went well.

Hope your day was great, too!  Tomorrow I have to work hard to make up for the nothing-done-day today.  Oh yes, one more thing.  One of my followers, John, gave me a fabulous suggestion for my library and I'm going to take his advice.  Wait until you see it!


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