Thursday, September 13, 2012

One wall papered in firehouse

Hi there.  Didn't work outside today -- no jobs available.  So I finished a sewing project and then my mind turned to the firehouse.  Oh my.

Wallpaper at the back

I decided that since the walls are so rough, I would wallpaper them.  It took almost all afternoon to make a template for the wallpaper.  I first used the outside of the building and then when I put it inside for specific modifications, I had to cut around the pieces of boards sticking out under that shelf.  It took me about 2 hours to completely finish the wallpaper.  But I know it will be worth it.

One of my followers gave me a suggestion for the fireman's pole -- the innards of a ballpoint pen.  I have some.  Hubby has some.  They were all white.  So, no pen will be safe now.  I am in search of one that is goldish.  I know I can paint it and probably will.  But the fun is taking people's pens apart.  LOL

Because I am antsy in having something take so long, I am going to turn my sights on another of the buildings and begin the flooring.  Since I cut everything by hand, it takes a little longer.  Although I might be able to cover it with a wallpaper and then put a poly spray coat on it.  I usually try it on a spare piece before I actually do it.

I will be painting the firehouse ceiling.  I think maybe a white or light cream.  I am going to get those battery lights for it (have them in my dollhouse and they are amazingly fabulous!).  The bright ceiling will help the light glow better. 

I couldn't help myself, though.  I printed some quarter-scale plans of beds.  The firemen need something to sleep on.  I want to cut them out tomorrow, too.  I think I'll make them out of mat board.  It's sturdy and I want sturdy beds. 

Hubby found  me a fire call box from one of his tie tacks.  Cute.  I'll take a picture of it tomorrow.

See you then.


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  1. Great find- the fire call box. Hubby is worth his weight in gold (or minis!) lol.