Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Redoing the Firehouse

Front of firehouse

I'm still not sure the posts are going through and I think I may have to find another blogspot.  Others have used it successfully -- this is not good for me.  Anyway, hope you can read this okay.  I'd appreciate any feedback that is positive in that you can read the blog and see the pix.  Thx.
New flooring
The top picture is the front of the firehouse and here's it is with the back off.  I decided to put wood planking on the floor.  It will have a little fire truck in it.  I think the flooring came out so great. Exactly the look I wanted.

I have the second floor finished and ready to put up. I kept a few pieces of thin styrofoam from a package I received in the mail.  I'm covering it and it will be perfect.  It adds no weight, either.  However, I want to do something with the walls first.

Paper egg cartons
I'm going to do stone siding on most of the buildings, if I can get enough paper egg cartons.  My poor husband thinks he'll be eating a lot of eggs!  Anyway, I tore them in little pieces and will be using them for bricks.  If you have never done this, it's great.  Again, it doesn't provide weight to the little buildings and is so authentic.  Of course, it will look better when it has some coloring.  There are a number of videos on the process, too.

I am going to put in a fireman's pole, too.  And the upstairs will be so cute!  I'm excited.  Call me crazy, but I'm excited. 



  1. Text and pictures coming through loud and clear in my Google Reader Pat.
    Love watching your progress on these projects.

  2. G'day,
    Your text and pictures are coming through easily. They look got from a formatting perspective too.
    I can't wait to see your finished firehouse!

  3. This egg carton method is great for most scales (probably not 1:144 though). Good progress on the Fire House Pat.