Thursday, September 27, 2012

Library issues

Today I worked and I'll be working tomorrow, too, so I didn't want to drag out the "grout" for the exterior walls of the library.  Instead, I did more on the inside.

I put a "wood" floor down and I really love its richness.  I also cut out walls in order to make it more like sheet rock.  At this time, you can see the blue mat board but it will be covered with something other than blue, although I'm liking the blue more and more.  I like mat board to work with but it's not easy to cut sometimes. 

One thing about working with a mat board is that your knife (I work with an X-acto knife) needs to have a very sharp blade.  I also use a thin metal ruler.  But be aware that it often moves when you hold it tight. I use masking tape on each end to help me as I hold it with one hand and slice with the other. 

I think I need to go to the store and get something for the walls.  I'll look in the scrapbooking section.  I was thinking of something that resembles a lighter wood or a pale "painted" look.  The ceiling will be white but with something ornate on it.  I'm still in the thinking stage.

I'm still looking for ways to make the stairs.  If I find something, I'll let you know.  Hmmm...maybe Otterine, when she made that wonderful building, will be able to help.  Otterine, are you out there?

Until tomorrow...


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  1. I actually love that blue on the walls! With the gorgeous wooden floor (how did you do that?), the white ceiling, more woodwork, books and tables etc, it won't be overpowering at all and would look wonderful.