Friday, September 7, 2012

Coffins and Throw Rugs

Two finished coffins
Hi there.  Today was a busy one.  I finished painting the coffins.  I decided on the black cherry and dark olive.  As you can see, they turned out wonderful.  I only need to put a few coats of polyurethane on them and they are ready.  I have a scene in mind and as it gets closer to Halloween, I'll bring them back to show you.

Went to Michael's tonight after dinner.  Oh my, I could have bought everything Halloween.  Cute stuff.  I must admit I don't like spiders or crows.  I do love everything else, though.

I promised to show you how I make my throw rugs.  For this particular rug, I cut out a square from a dish towel someone gave me for Valentine's Day, which makes it free.  I like Valentine's Day in miniature but not in real life.  LOL  It was red and white squares.  I cut out the red square.
Start removing threads
I then put it on the table, took a seam ripper and started to remove the threads until I got the exact size of fringe I wanted.  Turn it around and do the same thing on the other side.  Don't worry if it's not perfect at this time. 

Keep pulling, doing both sides

Using some type of fray check, run a thin line of it at the end of the fringe to keep it from continuing to unravel.  When it dries, look at both sides and trim carefully to true the sides up


For the sides that aren't fringed, if the fabric is soft and thin like the one in my picture, just fold it over and use Fabric Fusion (Aleene's).  If it's a thick rug, use either fray check or Fusible Stretchable glue (Aleene's).  Just keep glue from gunking up and let it dry before you touch the rug.

Rug in front of sink
As you can see, I should have pressed mine before I put it in front of the kitchen sink.  However, I think it looks so great.  I'd love to see some of your rugs!

We have a garage sale tomorrow and I have a birthday party.  For tomorrow's blog, I'll probably be talking about the hot tub idea that I have.


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