Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have to prime first?

Today was a great day.  Cool and beautiful with no humidity.  We met our friends for an early dinner down at a little restaurant on the water, the Tuckahoe Inn.  It's about an hour from Wildwood.

Sanded and ready for priming

Primed with undercoat of Camel brown
Well, I watched the tutorial video again on bricking the building and realized I had to prime the pieces before bricking them.  So that's what I did this morning.  I didn't realize there was so much prepping to be done.  I can't do it half-way so I made sure every piece of trim not needed was taken off.  And some pieces had to be cut off with a craft knife.

I want the doors to be wood so I just primed them for now.

So, after church tomorrow, I will tint the "bricks" and begin placing them on the building.  I also found out how to finish the trims on the windows and doors. 

My hubby said he would make the stairs for the firemen's sleep area and most houses had ladders.  Ladders?? I asked.  He laughed because I was thinking of a circular staircase.  Most small firehouses were not equipped with fancy things because they couldn't afford them.   

So, if you hoped for the bricking to be done, I'm sorry for the disappointment.  But there is always a priming period and I almost forgot to do it.  Tune in tomorrow night and part of the bricking should be done.

Hope your day is great!



  1. You will be glad you primed, Pat! Good luck with the bricks --if you can do it all in one day you're a rock star!

  2. You sure will be glad you primed! Good preparation makes all the difference.