Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Library masonry done

Today was the day to put up the brick on the library.  I saw a library photo online and that's how I bricked it.

It took me most of the afternoon because it's boring and I'm slow because I like to cut things so they look realistic.  I will do the grouting tomorrow and may need to fill in places, where needed.  Then I plan to do some architectural things around the building.

I may or may not get to the porch painting.  We'll see.  I'm teaching science tomorrow to 7th graders.  Should be a fun day.

Haven't heard anyone help about staircases in quarter scale.  I have the book by Fiona Broadwood from Petite Properties on Making Dolls House Furniture in 1:48th Scale.  I looked at the items inside and I will be making most of them within the next few weeks.  I'm excited about it.

At this time, I divide my time among several projects and wonder if anyone else does the same.  Yes?  Or are you the type who likes to do one thing completely?  I have to keep moving while things dry. 

So, take a look.  I think it will be beautiful when it's done.

Until tomorrow...


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  1. That looks most effective. And like you I have to go on with something else while glue or paint dries - that's why I always end up with such a heap of 'stuff' around me, with so many things 'on the go' at once.