Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday musings and work, too

I worked today and then spent over an hour on the phone with the HP tech because my all-in-one HP printer isn't working.  One day it was.  Replaced the toners.  Not working.  It's the unit itself and because it's under warranty, they are sending us another one on October 4.  I miss my printer...

Anyway, several things did get done.  Here's the ladder for the firehouse.  I think it came out great.  I also did the wood stove, putting it on the first floor and the pipe will go up and out of the second-floor wall. 

Then I put on the front doors.  They warped a tad and didn't want to lay flat over the bricks, so I am going to keep pressure on them until the glue sets.  I may have to take a few bricks off to get it to lay flat.  Is a builder's job ever done??

I decided to cover the walls of the library with mat board.  I cut them out tonight and now I'm working on cutting out the windows.  The windows will have a frame around them.  I also cut out the balcony.  Looking at the wall of windows, there may be few, if any books up there, but there will be a nice balcony where one can stand and look down!  I have an idea for the floor, too. 

So all is coming along.  I'm trying to be patient about finishing things but I'm not very patient sometimes!

Until tomorrow....

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