Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Floor painted in firehouse

Old floor in light gray

Today was interesting.  I was the substitute teacher for first graders.  Honestly, they are so cute.  They forget sometimes they are in school for the whole day.  At 10:15, they wanted to know when the buses were coming to take them home!  Funny kids. 

I decided to paint the floor a light gray.  I will be putting wallboard (aka wood pieces) up to hide the walls as they are now.  I also put a floor in the bell tower.  Notice the floor is a little crooked on the right.  That's about how it would look if it were old.  I'm pleased with the color because I mixed black and white paint. 

Bell tower

The bell tower needs a bell so I'll be looking for one, if anyone knows a source of cheap bells at 1:48 although it can be bigger because sometimes bells are as big as people.

I also have the fireman's pole cut and put the hole in the ceiling/floor.  I need to find brass colored paint. 

Tomorrow I want to do the walls.  If I don't work, I'll do it during the day.  Otherwise, it's after 4 p.m.

 Oh yes, I am also looking for a 1:48 Dalmatian.  I think the firehouse needs one.  I'm not sure the little firetruck I have will be good enough but I'll see when it's finished. 

I would hope to get the walls, siding and roof done by the end of this week (using Sunday as the week's end day!). 

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Have a look at Virtual Dollhouse site - she has some super animals from a maker that does dogs in 1:48 scale. I have also ordered direct from the maker.