Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday ramblings

Today was a rest day.  Stayed out too late last night.  10 p.m. is late!  LOL

I have been deciding on the exterior and interior for the library.  The exterior will be white stone.  I will repaint the pillars white again since they are a little tired.  I may lighten the front porch and steps instead of the grey.

Still not sure about the roof.  I think black slate would be a good choice.  I found more of them in online pix than any other color. 

The paper shows stairs placement
I also cut out the template for the second story balcony with steps on both sides.  I wanted to make them a bit turned out and the balcony more bowed but I don't want to use up too much space.  I'm going to make the balcony from mat board first, just to determine if it will look better straight or bowed.

I also finished the garage door but I'm going to paint the inner door a little darker.  I need handles now.  Hope to have it up tomorrow.  Remember when I said I forgot to put stone on the back wall?  I did that tonight.

Having trouble with our printer.  It was fine.  Got all new cartridges.  Black doesn't work.  I may just have to get a new one to replace the new one.  I spent over an hour playing around with it. 

I have decided to make one of the buildings a Magic Shop.  That should be a fun building to do.  I love quirky things.

I work tomorrow so time will be limited.  Don't know about a job Tuesday but I'm off Wednesday for the holiday. 

Talk to you tomorrow night!


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  1. Congratulations on your new blog Pat! I really enjoy following the progress of mini friends as they work on their projects, and will be interested in seeing how your library develops. Sandie