Sunday, September 16, 2012

Windows and doors are now done

Today I decided to follow the tutorial I'm using and put bricks around the windows and doors.  My design was different than hers because her windows were rounded at the top.  But I think these came out well. 

I chalked them white.  This brick process took several hours. 

I then began chalking the bricks for the main house this evening but I'm too tired to continue.  It's boring so I will continue tomorrow.  I think the color I put on them is too blah so I may add some red tints when I do the bricks on the building.

Because I need a break from mason work (LOL), I will begin the pot bellied stove tomorrow, too. I have an idea and will share it with you when I see if it works.

I also have to cut out and sew up some capes for my dolls.  Halloween is just around the corner!

So I hope to show you some actual brickwork tomorrow.