Friday, November 23, 2012

Castle plans coming along

How was everyone's Thursday?  For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, are you going to eat leftovers for more than one day?  To those who have no Thanksgiving Day, you need to come and visit during one of these feasts! 

I have never figured out the spacing of Google blogs so please excuse the layout.  It looks fine until it's finished.  Who knows?  That's the problem here--a Google blip...

I have been doing some research on building the castle around the main house.  I found a website,, that had castle plans.  I printed them out (which is allowed because I'm not selling them) and cut the pieces out. 

First, I papered the inside of the original house with the lightest blue/white paper that almost looks like a fine marble.  I used glue and after attaching the paper, put the house walls under my ceramic tile so it wouldn't warp. 

I have to decide now how I want the outside castle walls.  I think part stucco and part white brick. 

I'm excited to get it started but want to do it right.  I will cut the castle pieces from mat board.  Hubby said he would help me.  Sometimes my hands get tired. 

Tonight was our date night and we went out for ribs!  Yum.  Afterwards, hubby responded to a fire alarm but dropped me off at Barnes and Noble where I bought two magazines on miniatures.  I was so surprised when I saw one magazine (printed in England) was wrapped with plastic.  Then I found out the reason.  A present! 

Attached to the magazine, in a little plastic bag, was a 1:12 scale Reutter porcelain pitcher.  For those who don't know, Reutter is a very expensive place to purchase minis.  Their work is exceptional, though, and I will cherish this!  Rowena will like it.

Tomorrow is a no family day again so I will begin cutting out castle pieces.  I want to cover them appropriately so I will research colors for towers and look at castle doors.  This is so exciting!!!

Oh yes, and I have to put up the Christmas tree this weekend.  Hubby brought it in from the porch shed.  Hint!  Hint!  Time to decorate.  That reminds me that I will probably need to put the castle on a longer timeline because I have to make a Christmas tree for Rowena's house.

Always busy!!  I love it!!!

Until then...


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