Friday, November 16, 2012

Today's work and a surprise

Hi.  Friday here.  I have a dilly of a cold coming on.  I have little voice and what's there is squeaky.  Hoping I don't have to see the doctor tomorrow.  It's quite a waste of time when I would rather be mini making. 

We bought a generator and got it today.  It will be hooked up to the house as soon as we get all of the necessary plugs.  Who knew it was so complicated?  Remember the storm they promised for Thanksgiving?  It's now said it will be about 60 degrees that day.  Ha!

I worked on doing the trims on a few of the houses.  The windows are in the Tudor house.  The white trim turned out great.  It is quite tricky to put on.  I used Crazy Glue again.  It is great once it grabs.  It grabbed and so it's good now.   I will put the 3 walls up tomorrow. 

I also put windows and trim on the carriage house.  Oh my, it was tough.  And I put the window on wrong so I now have to put a special trim around it.  I haven't really had a problem until now.  Knew it had to happen.  Oh well....

The doors didn't fit, either.  I realized, after much trying to fit them in their space, that the wood must have swelled because of the water-based paint.  So I sanded and trimmed the wood.  The doors fit but there needs to be some patching up.  That's not a problem so to me, it looks great.  I have the one wall up tonight, which is drying. 

And now, for the surprise!  Meet Mirelth, the green dragon.  He just flew in because he heard the village is being redone and new people will be moving in.  At first, he landed on the building roof and almost fell off because of his size. 

After he thought about it for awhile, he realized it was a nice building and that after all, he would only be visiting occasionally.  However, he doesn't know that he will be giving rides on a regular basis.  Sometimes it's best to just let well enough alone until it's time.  :)

Hope your day went well.  Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then....


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  1. I'm glad Mirelth is not as destructive as most dragons in fantasy stories.. He is rather gorgeous and so are the houses!