Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work is continuing

Hi.  I didn't work at school today.  At this time, we are looking for a generator for our little mobile home, mostly for lights, fridge, and heat/AC, depending upon the time of year.  The waiting time is through February but we went a little smaller than we first thought and were very lucky.  No one wants smaller ones so this one is being flown in for us to pick up on Monday.  I am really excited.  We have lost power enough and have thrown enough food away and have stayed at people's houses and eaten meals out to afford this one! 

Remember I told you there was so much trash and debris that they didn't know what they would do with it?  There is an open area that used to be a huge department store in the town next to ours.  (and next to a school, I might add)  They are bringing the junk and dumping it in there until it can be decided where to put it.  A huge problem.  And there will be more of it, I'm sure.

I concentrated on my village houses today.  I am having a bit of difficulty with the windows.  I don't think I have enough.  I do have some "window acetate" that I purchased once and may have to use it. 

I put the trim on one side of one house.  I think it looks so nice.  I haven't done any doors because they are all going to be funky. 

I painted every exterior wall today.  Some needed 3-4 coats of paint.  The light colors are not very effective in covering wood, even with sanding and a light coat of polyurethane, which was suggested by the manufacturer.  But they did come out great, I think.  And they will have more than just the trim that came in the box.

I managed to put up several walls. They have to dry now.  Completely and overnight.  They are too fragile before all of the other walls are attached.

I work tomorrow at a middle school 7th grade so I will put more windows in and make the houses three-sided.  I will keep the 4th wall to keep dust out.  But it won't be attached so I can make furniture and everything for the little houses.

Hubby is already asking me what my plans are for displaying the village.  As I began my explanation, I swore I saw his eyes cross.  Maybe it was just the reflection of the lamp...

Until then...


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