Thursday, November 29, 2012

Door and stuff

Hi.  Another sunny but bitter cold day.  They are talking about 60's next week.  Go figure. 

I had a good time in my little class today.  There were three major drink spills:  two milks and one water.  What a mess.  Ran out of paper towels.  Sponges were put to the task.  Kept me on my toes. 

I was exhausted when I came home because 16 little ones are quite tough.  And so I had a snack and then just vegged on the couch.  Hubby made dinner again.  I gave him a break and did the dishes! 

I wanted to do more on the house roofs but starting a messy job at 7 p.m. is not something I was willing to start.  So I did something more quiet.

I did the door to the main house of the castle.  I think it came out great.  There will be other things on the house, not just this door.  But this is a start.  I can see it in my head.  It's the getting it out that's sometimes a problem.  LOL

Then I thought I would show you some more of the things I've collected through the years.  This was for the original six buildings.  They still work great and I'm so glad I bought them when I did. 

The first one shows one of the two huge gates!  Aren't they great?  I will take the wreath down, of course.  These have always been my favorite gates and I haven't ever seen any more like it around here where I live.

This photo is of the little things that help make a village.  Two benches, two sleds, fencing, light posts, sign posts, and trees of all sizes.  It's nice to have this stuff already.

So the weekend will be a busy one.  Lots to do. 

Until then....


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