Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snow today - no power again

Hi there!  We had a terrible storm yesterday and I said there was snow, remember?  Well, there sure was.  12 inches fell on us.  We lost power at 9:30 last night -- again.  We feel guilty complaining because we have been so lucky but it was so, so cold.  Sleep was fine because we lots of clothes and blankets on.  It was 57 degrees in the house.  We were supposed to get the girls today.  I called my stepson, Billy, told him what was going on and that after we dug ourselves out, we'd be over.  After stopping for a hot breakfast and coffee, we went to their home.  Heat!

So I don't have pictures because I didn't take my camera, but the girls worked with clay today.  I'm teaching them clay.  Sydney received a clay starter pack for her birthday.  Every color of clay is in there.  So Sydney made plates, saucers and I showed her how to make coffee mugs for her bakery roombox. 

We had a nice hot dinner that our daughter-in-law whipped up for us, there were people going in and out of the house because they didn't have heat and Billy's house had heat and food.  It was chaotic but fun, too.

As I showed Sydney a YouTube video about how to make plates and mugs, I wondered how many know about the sites I view often.  So in case you don't know about some of them, I'll just list them here: is a wonderful site.  There are literally hundreds of  how-to videos.  I signed up for their email and receive notifications of new tutorials. is a great site that has so many pieces of information, if you haven't been on it yet, do so.  Tutorials aplenty, there's always something you can use.

Joanne's minis is a great site.  She has a blog and is so talented.  Sharing every tutorial with all of us, her videos are the best.  She also puts her videos on creatingdollhouseminiatures and has a list of previous tutorials. I've learned how to make fruit, vegetables, flowers, baskets, and a working parasol! is also a wonderful site.  She does most of her minis with mat board and her step-by-step photos are just awesome.  There are no questions after you watch her progress.  She also has a list of previous tutorials.

 So these are a few of the sites I visit on a regular basis.  If you haven't been on them, try them.  It's worth getting on their emails, if possible.

I decided to put a picture of an outfit on here that I made a few weeks ago.  Agnes is one of my dolls.  I made her coat, which is purple, her jumper and her blouse.  (I usually make my own patterns but this was a good one so I used a printed pattern from Fletcher Patterns.)  

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  1. In the Netherlands I follow closely all developments.
    NY and NJ is with us much on the news.
    You are all heavy hit.

    I would like to say that I am very involved with your lives and I want to wish you a lot of strength.

    Greetings, Alexandra.