Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Towers and turrets

Today was bitter cold and I don't like it.  I can't do anything about it but I just had to vent.

I worked in 2nd grade today and all was well.  However, I had outside recess.  It only lasts about 25 minutes.  Seemed liked 2 hours.  The kids are all running around so no one that size was cold.  Us teachers were freezing! 

When I got home, I crashed and burned.  Not used to working a long day.  With elementary school, asall of you teachers out there know, you never ever stop.  It's constant.  One subject goes into another subject.  Lunch is quick.  Walking them to and fro places takes time.  Who knew?

I am working tomorrow already.  Remember the first grade bilingual class I was in several weeks ago?  The teacher called me for the next two days.  The kids liked me.  Ha.  Who knew?  Maybe I can learn some Spanish! 

After dinner, I used the spackle stucco on the towers.  It is a good deal less expensive.  It is not as thin as Martha's textured stuff but it worked out well.  Since it's made to be put on things like sheetrock, it doesn't seem to be warping the towers.  I then glued the turrets on.  They look like missiles.  Or maybe strange mushrooms.  I like them, though, so they stay for now.  If they don't work after a few weeks, I may change them.

With working for the next two days, I will be mapping my village out. When I'm off, I do what I want to do and know it will all be done.  I may try to put the castle buildings together tomorrow. 

So, enjoy your day.  Try to do a mini or two. 

Until then...


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  1. Looks very promising, all these towers!

    You are a very busy lady, it's nice to come back to a school where they appreciate you, isn't it!