Sunday, November 18, 2012

Victorian House Progress

Hi.  Today was chilly and cold, I thought.  Hubby went to work in the yard and used the new generator for the leaf blower.  He had a good time.  Better him than me. 

I had a tough night last night.  A severe coughing fit woke me up about 2 a.m. I had to get up, use my inhaler and take my cough medicine, which has codeine in it.  I stopped coughing and slept soundly.  However, I did dream that hubby was riding the generator around the yard.  Good stuff, that cough medicine.  Oh yes, I have a slight reaction to codeine.  Itching.  When I woke, I itched all over and realized I didn't take my Benadryl.  As I said, it was a tough night.

I spent the day working on the Victorian house.  As you can see,  it is together now.  The porch is on.  The trim around the windows has been glued on.  There are shutters on it, too.  Thought the black would really look great.  There will also be a second floor in this house.  This house will probably belong to the mayor of the village.  Who else could afford it?  LOL

Forgive the placement of pictures here.  Google sometimes decides to do its own thing. 

I'm trying to get a job for tomorrow but it's a parent-teacher conference day.  We'll see if anyone has anything scheduled.  In that case, there will be no call-ins. 

If I stay home, I am going to take each house, one at a time, and see what else it needs.  A few need extra trim.  I'll measure for the second floors.

I may or may not have time to do the roofs.  I have ideas about the roofs, too. 

So, here are two photos. Looking at them, they don't look like much but it was a good several hours work.  Remember there is drying time!

Until then....


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