Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two jobs done tonight

Hi.  Well, yesterday was in the 60's.  Today was in the 40's.  It was quite a shock.  They still don't know what kind of storm we are going to get on Thanksgiving.  Just what we need.  Another storm.  Some still don't have power.  The streets are filled with debris and destroyed furniture, plus garbage.  It can't get picked up fast enough.  And the sand dunes are in places where sand dunes should not be.  It's still a mess.

I did sub again today.  I originally was in for an in-class support teacher but was asked to change.  I was requested to take the bilingual kindergarten again.  It was a joy to do it and I enjoyed the little ones so much.  So it was a very good day.

I still don't have a job for tomorrow but it's only 9:30 p.m. EST.  I may end up with one before I head in for the night. 

After dinner, I had two things I wanted to accomplish.  The first was to put wood filler into the spaces where there were openings, especially in the bay window areas.  If it turns out nice, I'll use it all over the place.  :)   So far it looks like it will work.  It really stinks and I used a glove because it's oil based. 

Then I put the windows in the Victorian house and put the wallpaper on.  I think it looks great.  The background is light blue and there are stars and moons.  It's very sweet.  It will have white trim but I want the windows to dry completely.  There's that word "dry" again.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving here in America is only a week away?  I begin my Christmas decorating on that weekend.  So Rowena's house will get her Christmas decorations, too.  In fact, I put more on her house than I do on ours! 

It's almost time to call it a day.  I must admit I'm exhausted.  No nap today.  :(

Until then...


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