Sunday, November 25, 2012

Four castle pieces cut

It was a cold but otherwise nice day.  I went into AC Moore to find a few things I need for the village.  Nada.  Everything I need will have to be purchased online.  It's not worth riding around and using gas unnecessarily.

So I decided that I would tackle the castle pieces.  I was able to cut the first piece out.  Had to quit after one piece, however, because my hand started to hurt.  I'm not particularly fond of X-acto knives but they really are the best thing for cutying mat board.  My blade was new and sharp.  But one almost needs a new blade everytime a new project is started.  That can get pricey.  Next time I have a coupon for either Michael's or AC Moore, I'll stock up on X-acto blades. I also need a knife with a nice handle. Is there such an animal??   Maybe I should ask Santa....

I don't know if I'm working tomorrow or not.  I have the website up but nothing has popped up yet. 

We did get the lights on the tree.  I know.  I know.  We should be able to do the 4 ft. tree with no problem.  I just wasn't in the mood.

Then I am part of a project on pbworks wiki.  It's an advent calendar.  I'll give you the url when the calendar is finished, Nov. 30 or before.  I'm Dec. 14. 

I am showing you the first pieces cut.  I think they look nice.  Those little windows almost drove me crazy!  I am sure I can finish the other pieces tomorrow if I am home.  Then I'll lightly score them.  And then fold them.  I still need to decide on the finish for the castle.  Maybe by the time I'm finished cutting everything out, I will get a major idea.

Until then....


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