Friday, November 30, 2012

No photos

Hello.  Another cold day.  It's beginning to be a pattern.  I was in kindergarten again and the kids were just so great.  They danced to the song, Feliz Navidad.  Cute.

Tonight for our date night we ate at Red Lobster.  It was yummy.  Then home and a bowl of chocolate pudding with whipped cream.  Doesn't get much better than that.

I tried to upload some pictures from this evening.  For some reason, Google  let isn't letting me do that.  So I will just chat and hope you can make sense of it all.

Next week on December 5, we will be at hubby's son's house to doggie sit.  One is a teacup Chihuahua, Pedro, and the other is a border collie, Meg.  The family is on their way to Disney for cheering competitions. 

While there, I have several projects planned.  I won't be able to take my buildings over there because they wouldn't make the trip without a great deal of special packing.  So tomorrow and Sunday, I will be making plans on what to take for my projects.  I have a few kits to put together.  I have quarter-scale furniture to make.  And I want to try my hand at doll shoes. 

I will be busy.  And I will be working, too.  At this time, I'm working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Made some plans for the village.  I see it as having several street levels, one above each other.  I think the castle will be on the top street.  The Dragon House will be up there, too. 

I also want a few pools of water and there will be a tree within the levels.  I have the cardboard shape and it will be a fun project, I think.  There will be some surprises in the tree!

So it's time to go to bed.  I tried the photos again.  No way.  Tomorrow it will be better.

Until then....


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