Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I had to do it...

Hi.  Can you believe we are going to get another storm?  With snow in some NJ areas?  People who were allowed back into their homes have to leave them again.  Tomorrow will tell the story when the storm hits. 

Had lunch with a dear friend today.  We talked so much, the server kept coming over to ask if we were okay.  It was a good time.  She reads my blog and chuckles at my village ideas.

I then took a stroll through the Christmas Tree Shop and they had some great really cheap holiday things that would work in the village.  They could be easily repainted to fit any scene.  The lines were so long, though, that I wasn't going to wait.  Maybe next week.

From this...

When I got home, I put up both tables and spread everything out again.  I have a picture here of that.  I tried to find out what windows go where and I was just overwhelmed.  It's tough to find the proper window when you don't want to poke them out again.  And I couldn't determine the floors.

...to this
So I did what I wanted to do originally.  I put them together with masking tape.  All of the walls with all of their floors and roofs.  I feel better and more in control.  You see, I have a control thing....but that's for another discussion....LOL

Here they are at least taped together.  Tomorrow I can begin the wallpapering.  The houses are going to be very brightly painted.  I don't know what I'm going to do with the one they call the carriage house.  There are no horses in a village where everyone (except the fire chief) flies around. 

I have special plans for the one building that looks like a church.  It will be exciting and wonderful, too. 

Someone asked me where the houses came from.  I bought them from miniatures.com and they are Greenleaf houses.  I took a picture of the front of the box for those who want to see the houses as suggested by Greenleaf.

I'm also finishing up showing the items I bought from the Philly mini show.  The signs are from Michelle's Miniatures.  I don't know if you clearly see the ones on the left.  The top one says Crematorium.  The one under it says Witching Hour.  And of course, the last is Life is Short -- Buy the Shoes.   

And these are from sdkminiatures.  Great!

On Sunday, I'm going to a doll show in Teaneck, NJ and there are people with dollhouse items there. Maybe I'll find something great!

Until then....


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  1. Pat, you are very organised the way you have sorted out your houses. How annoying that the windows aren't sorted according to the building! The floors are easy to sort but the windows are surely much harder. I'll be interested in your progress with these houses too.