Saturday, November 3, 2012

Philadelphia Miniaturia Part 1

Hi.  Today was fabulous.  I went to the Philadelphia Miniaturia Show.  The vendors are so friendly and their items are wonderful.  I wanted to buy at least one of everything.  The vendors who create are all accomplished artisans.  There are varieties of items and of course, prices.  You could buy something as inexpensive as $1 (I have some of those) and then there are finished roomboxes as high as $7,000.  No kidding -- it's definitely an experience.

For the next few days, I will be showing you things I bought and tell you why I purchased them.  There are mostly quarter-scale items but there are some 1:12 as well.

The first one to show you is auburn hair.  Why did I buy this?  Several reasons, the first being I have several 1:12 dolls that need hair and will have quarter-scale dolls that need hair, too.  But one more thing is to add hair (or fur) to this particular dog I plan to buy. 

The other things I want to show you are 1:12 items.  I want to make cupcakes for my dollhouse and for a bakery I am planning.  It's possible to do it on one's own but there is a wonderful place called true2scale that has wonderful things.  So I bought the cupcake mold, cupcake wrappers and a lovely cupcake stand.  I will try them this week and let you see them.  Then my granddaughters are coming over Thursday and they will get such a kick out of them.

I have a few plans for tomorrow and will report back to everyone tomorrow night.  And show you a few more things.  You might want to take a look at because they have wonderful things, including other mini things in different scales.  Let me know if you check the site out and tell me what you think!

Until then...


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  1. I have bought from true2scale in the past and am very pleased with the things I bought - great site!