Monday, November 19, 2012

Roofing for 5 out of 6 buildings

Hi there.  Didn't work today so I spent my time wisely.  It was a lovely day.  I went out and gathered some acorn caps for future projects.  Hubby did the leaf blowing.

I decided to use the big card table for my work space.  I put the utensils and paint and glue on the snack tray.  The only things on the work space were the houses, the cardboard roofs, trims, windows, white glue, my trusty toothpick and margarine lid.

Fronts with full roofs
Backs open for maneuvering
The first thing was to make sure the windows were finished.  For those that had no acetate window panes, I cut some acetate to fit.  Then I made sure all of the trims were on the windows.  I finished putting the house trim on the Tudor house. 

Porch done, roofs on front and back with back wall removed.

There was also special trim on the Victorian house on the porch, which included the railings and the decorative pieces on the porch roof.  Then shutters were put up.  I love black on white and I think they look nice. 

Then it was time for roofing.  Because I want to be able to put things in the houses, I put partial roofs on the backs or sides of them.  I used the walls with the doors. 

The next thing to do is to put the 2nd floors in.  I have one cut out, including the two posts to hold it up.  I think they will turn out fine. 

I also plan on doing little curtains for them.  They will probably be made from paper, too.  It's easy and it looks cute. 

I work tomorrow so I will only have enough energy left when I get home to do a little something.  I don't know what yet.  You'll see tomorrow night.

Sleep well, my pretties!

Until then....


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