Friday, November 9, 2012

Starting second house

Hi.  We still have power. Some still have none and it's been over a week.  It is estimated that everyone will have power by Monday.  I think that's what the power companies told our governor. We shall see.  I know we have been blessed not only to be away from the brunt of Sandy but we had limited damage from the latest snowstorm, other than no power.  Of course, every time the power goes out, food is lost.  We're looking into a generator. 

Now for the village news.  I glued on the bay windows to the store.  The middle ones had to be attached first. Then had to wait for glue to dry.  I put in baseboards.  They had to dry.  The piece sticking out here are curtains for these windows.

Then I put on the sides of the bay windows. Notice the window panes are in, too. These all needed to dry.

You know I can't wait very well for drying.  So I started the second building.  I painted the inside walls, sanded after first coat, painted second coat and sanded and then painted a third coat.  I am going to sponge paint on the yellow paint.  I put on trim but the walls need spiffing up.

Tonight was our date night.  After dinner, we went to Joanne's and I bought a few of their paints and a few pieces of scrapbook paper for the inside wallpaper. 

I'll do the floor tomorrow, too.

I hope to dabble in making furniture sometime over the weekend.  I think all will be fairie-like in the houses.  With twigs and moss and all that good stuff.  I've been online and really like the ideas out there.

All of the houses will be special in some way on the outside and they will all have chimneys. 

Lots of plans.  It's how I am.  Projects upon projects!

Until then...


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