Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday Night Blog -- more goodies

Hi.  I don't know what happened but for some reason, my Publish button didn't work.  So I am going to resend it.  Hope you enjoy what I wrote yesterday and I'll write another tonight!

Sunday is usually a quiet day around our place but the whirr of leaf blowers is everywhere.  Seems like it's all day long.  So minis are the way to go, I think.  There's no school again all week so I will take advantage of the full days ahead.

I did mostly touch-ups today.  I really don't like things that need to be touched up.  I just want to go and be done with it.  But there were roofs with a hint of brown coming through, siding with some white peeping through and of course, the inevitable item that falls down because of not enough glue.  So I took each individual house and did the little things.

I am going to try and finish the houses tomorrow.  A big task, I know.  The finishing doesn't include all of the inside furniture and accessories.  I will do them as I think of ways to complete them. 

I have an idea for lighting in the little stores and houses and need to try it out before I show you.  If it works, I'll do it as a tutorial.

I said I would show you some more things from the Miniaturia show.  Here they are:

 I will be doing these kits one at a time on this blog so in case you want to do them, too, you can see how easy they are.

These 3 are from sdkminiatures and are just the cutest things ever.  And they were so reasonable.  I didn't pay any more than $5 for any one thing.  And all of the parts are there and laser cut!  Woo Hoo!

The double display cabinet is from Michelle's Miniatures.  Her kits are also laser cut and she has a website where you can purchase her kits.  Also very reasonable.  I think this one was $5.

So tomorrow I finish up the houses and start (hopefully) on the other 6.  I have a grand scheme for one of the buildings and I will be researching a lot for it.  So stay tuned!
Until then....

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  1. I buy heaps from sdk miniatures - Susan has great furniture kits and flower kits in several scales. The kits go together really, really well - they are beautifully cut. Thanks for mentioning Michelle's Miniatures, I will have a look at that site too - I'm always on the lookout for new suppliers