Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pictures worked

Hi.  Weather report?  I didn't go out until this evening but hubby said it was cooler during the day because the wind was quite strong.  I did normal Saturday chores and then I began working on my minis.

Hubby bought me the Imagination House dollhouse that was in Home Depot! Yes, I know. I need another house. I am thinking of making it a beach house. You know the kind that they have in places like the Outer Banks, NC or in one of the other beach resorts. We stayed in one of these types of houses (although much larger) and they were absolutely beautiful. I'll see if my mind changes.

One of the things I started today was to do the grass roofs on 4 of the six buildings.  First, it was necessary to put newspaper down because it is not a neat job.

Once I began, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I just began cutting and gluing.  As the little pieces fell off (and there seemed to be hundreds of them), I put them in a little pile. 

When I got to the little blue building, I thought it would be cute to have greenery on the side of the house.  That's where I used the little pieces from the pile.

I have not decorated our tree yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have Rowena's house to decorate.  I may be doing that tomorrow. 

I think that when we get home from church, it will be a Rowena house day.  I have things to put in the house and I have wonderful holiday decorations. 

Christmas shopping is still on my list of to-do's.  I only have hubby to buy for.  Everyone else gets money or gift cards.  It's not my favorite thing to give but when people have a lot, it is a lot easier.

Made a sketch of the village already and will be doing some modifications.  Hope to get this started the week after next.  We'll be out of our house for a week so I cannot do it then.  And I work next week for 4 days.

I have two houses to show you and also the Imagination House.  I'm excited.  Where am I going to put it, you ask?  I have absolutely no earthly idea.  I can't start it until I know where it will go.  But it's okay.  All will be well. 

Until then....


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