Monday, December 24, 2012

Ornaments finished

Rainy slush.  Hint of snow.  Cold.  Still lots of people out on the road.  My presents are wrapped and ready to go.

Today I was busy, other than wrapping presents.  I made a few pecan tarts for friends.  Of course, we had to test one of them.  Can't send them out unless we check them out.  They were delish.  Making more tomorrow morning because our son-in-law loves them. 

Then I changed my hair color.  It's a nice shade of brown.  Sort of a Christmas change.

Finally started on the tree.  Found my E-6000 glue.  Right where I put it last.  LOL  This stuff smells bad but it sure does the trick.  I squeeze some out and apply it with a toothpick.  Can't stand the smell of leaving it open. 

I also tried a few things that were different.  I have these bottles of micro-micro beads used in decorating fingernails.  So I took thread, put white glue on it and dipped it in the beads.  Liked the finished effect.  I did stick some in the tree.

Then I realized that they looked like plants.  Whoa!  That will be another project.  The white glue stiffens the thread and they are able to be upright.  Who knew? 

Tomorrow or the next day I plan to color all of the ornaments gold.  I don't particularly like all the white and the pink but I used what I had. And some of the blue ones aren't showing up in the photo. Then I have to put on the ribbon.  When this is all finished, I have to find a specific box in which to store it, too.  Can't have my hard work messed up!

Enjoy your holidays!  Merry Christmas in any language -- I've received several good wishes from friends across the ocean.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then....


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