Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Doggies and a tree

Meg, the border collie, stalking
her tennis ball
Pedro, a teacup chihuahua
Hi.  At the doggie's house.  I have some photos of the creatures. 

I started the tree project.  And it is a major project but I think it will be worth it. In fact, I like it already.  I do one section and let it dry well before I start the next section.  I'm watching the tutorial from Casey's Minis, a great blog.  She did this tutorial quite a while ago. 

If you decide to do this, you need a bottle brush, very sharp small scissors, glue (I use Elmer's All-Purpose Glue), lycopedium (comes in a bag - miniaturists and railroaders have it) and a lot of newspaper.  The white "snow" must be cut off.  It doesn't matter that you are shearing a lot of the tree.  What remains is the foundation for the new branches.  It eventually gets shaped like a fir tree.

The first thing I did was take the pieces of greenery apart.  They come off in several sizes.  I sorted the piles by their size.

As per the tutorial, I put a straight piece on the top (for the star or angel) and glued it.  I had to hold it for a little bit until the glue set.  It needs to be straight.

I started with the bottom and put the biggest of the greenery all around it.  I took each piece, dipped it in the glue and placed it inside the tree.   

Then hubby and I went to Atlanta Bread for soup and a sandwich. 

I'm not going to rush this project because I really want it to last.  I will look for a plastic container to put it in when finished.

This is some eye candy for you!  You will be amazed.  So --- sit back and enjoy The City that Time Forgot.

Until then....


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