Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cabinet and chairs finished

Today was cold again.  Weathermen are saying next week will be rainy and warmer.  I like the warmer part of it.

I'm sure that everyone reading this is crying inside over the senseless taking of precious innocent lives and the lives of gifted educators.  I was in kindergarten this past week and cried when I realized this was about the age of the children I have been teaching.  Indeed, evil is in the world.

Today I decided to look for something with which to finish the green and yellow cabinet.  I went through my scrapbooking things and found these wonderful printies that look like buttons.  I trimmed them and think they look perfect.

Then I tried the chairs.  Oh my goodness.  It took a bit of patience and the use of tweezers.  I used fast tacky glue and didn't realize I had the hearts sideways. By the time I realize it, there was no way to move the "cushions."  So I'll just blame it on the faeries.  After all, it's their furniture.  I love the red and white.   I was pleased with the finished product.

There is a table in the 1:48 book that I plan to make for the chairs.  It will also be red and white.

Watching the Hollywood Christmas parade and just love the glitz. Probably because I watch it from my living room recliner. (smile)

Tomorrow I want to finish a few more of the 1:48 kits.  Oh, yes, Rowena's tree needs decorating.  And I still haven't started the boots.  I hope to do them tomorrow, too. 

Until then...


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