Friday, December 21, 2012

Non-mini day but eye candy for you

Warm this morning; cold and windy tonight.  Who can figure?  Possible flurries tonight.  But I don't have to get up tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to doing some miniature work again.

I just bought a special thing from eBay.  It's 3 pieces of paintable/stainable furniture.  I got everything for $8, including postage.  It will be for the new house because it's 1:12 scale.

I have plans to work on several things over the next few days.  I'm excited about having the time to do it.  I am off until January 3.  I will be working several weeks after the holidays.  It's still tough getting home after 4 but money is money.  Agree? 

Tomorrow is my hubby's Christmas party at his employer's house.  So I will be blogging early in the day.

You have to see the work of this lady, though, regarding Hobbits.  Even if you are not into Hobbits and Lord of the Rings, this project is just remarkable.

Let me know if you liked it.

Until then....


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  1. Maybe it just as miserable where you are as it is here, we have lots of flooding around here as it hasn't stopped raining for more than a few hours over the past 4 weeks! There are dozens of flood warnings at the moment. Thankfully I live on top of a hill...

    Mad's Hobbit House is lovely and a grand project to have finished. Great that lots of kids get to see it too and that the Tolkien society now own it. I also found her mouse house project, it's equally amazing!