Sunday, December 23, 2012

Still on the tree project

Cold today.  I thought it was nice.  Everyone else thought it was cold.  Church friends had their house severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy.  During last week's windstorm with rain, the wind blew the water back up into their yard.  It moved their huge shed to the other side of the house, came up into their car in which there was a few inches of water actually in the car.  And their ductwork was floating.  This will definitely be a setback.  They have never had problems in all of the years of living in this house.  Now two disasters in two months.  Keep them in your thoughts.

I did spend some time on the tree, adding more ornaments.  I wanted to try and attach the beads with the E-6000 glue but couldn't find it.  So I had to use white glue.  Once it attaches, it is attached.  But it takes a long time.  I think I am going to lay the tree down to finish the sides.

There is a young boy who goes to church with me who has his own Christmas/winter village.  You know the ones that look like Lemax.  He was so excited that his village is coming along.  And of course, he's already bitten by the miniature bug.  His mom will probably need to add to the table the village is on.  So if he's reading this -- greetings, my young friend.

I'm not sure that I told you about the site but if you've never checked it out, please do so.  There are videos and so many tutorials, I cannot even mention them all.  But I warn you, it can be addicting!

Tonight there are no special pictures.  I am planning to spend tomorrow working on the minis, though.  Sometimes life just gets in the way of miniatures.  And today?  It was a nap.  LOL

Until then...


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