Monday, December 3, 2012

Family holiday photo

Hi.  What a lovely day today.  I am going to be working in the bilingual kindergarten for several weeks that will go into January.  I am happy about it.  There are many teachers who have requested me for December but a short-term is really the best deal ever. 

So it means I will be working this Wednesday/Thursday and Friday and then begin Monday, December 10, in kindergarten.  Fun!

Today I was in a math class.  I'm not a math person but I did know this lesson and was able to teach it thoroughly.  I actually feel special when I can teaching something well.

Received the little flower thingies that will be part of the village.  I did not get much done today in terms of the houses.  Instead, I worked on designing the village.  Not being able to do things halfway, I am deciding on street names, names of village people and things like that.  This part is fun.

Well, what did I do today?  I made a special holiday card for my friends who also collect dolls of all sizes.  The group today involved a family with the last name of Dreary.  I changed their first names, though. 

There are 4 kids, which are identical quadruplets:  the boys are Quenton, Quinlan and the girls are Quinn and Quillan.  The adult, Uncle Bjarne (pronounced Jarn) is their uncle.  The aunts are Katarzyna, the brunette, and Tatiana, the redhead.  Notice the two cats.   The one held by Quillan is Faux Paws and the one held by Tatiana is Independent Claws (Indy for short).  They don't like to have their photos taken.  Everyone is wearing their hooded robes that I just finished.

I am showing you their portrait in this blog.  I think it came out wonderful.  Anyway, it will be a holiday card.

Tomorrow I have to set up my projects for the trip to our son's house.  Enjoy the photo!

Until then....


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