Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new toy for me

Cold and blustery today.  I had outside recess.  Did I ever tell anyone that I detest outside recess?  But thinking of yesterday with 34 K and 1st graders in one small classroom, outside recess was really the lesser of the two.  Evils, that is.  LOL

I ordered and received a gluing jig.  I'm really excited about it.  As one creates furniture from kits or just builds from plans, it's often difficult to keep the item straight when gluing.  Thus, a gluing jig.

I looked around for one at a good price.  $30 without shipping/tax was the best I could find.  And I am so happy with it.  It only took 2 days from order to receiving.  I think that's great. 

I could've used this when I put the chairs together.  Next time. 

So I plan on feeling better this weekend and using it.  Inside the corner of the jig is the brown dresser I'm making for one of the village houses.  It's so small and it's difficult to hold it straight.

Oh yes, there are 8 magnetic pieces with the jig.  And best of all, hubby can use it, too. 

I rested after work today.  Tomorrow is the holiday party for the class.  It should be fun but I guarantee that I will be one exhausted lady tomorrow night.

So, until then...


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