Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lots done today

What a rain and windstorm we are having.  And the people that suffered through Sandy? They have water damage again and some are on evacuation notice.  We lost power twice but since we are up, I'll zap this out now.

Kate's Boutique
Sydney's Bakery
The girls were here today.  They put the bottom floors of their roomboxes together and decided how they wanted things to fit.  In order to make the proper furniture, I gave them some of my things so they could measure the items in the rooms.

Boutique counter
Kate wanted a counter that was shaped oddly.  So I made one for her.  I think it turned out great.  I was excited when I realized I could do the two tiers. 

Bakery display
Sydney wanted the counter that I have so I created one for her.  She wanted it longer so I did that.  I am so pleased with the results.  I have to do the shelves for her yet and make some nice trim for it.  I was happy that it turned out well and it's something I think I'll do again. 

Of course, when I was cutting the mat board, the knife slipped and I cut the edge of my index finger on my left hand.  Hurts a bit tonight.  Didn't need stitches but I think it will heal okay.  Of course, it might take awhile.

Because it takes so much time to make furniture for their stores, I am going to make furniture and cut out pieces, letting the girls glue them together. 

I used the gluing jig for Kate's bathroom walls and the furniture.  It worked out great and paid for itself already. 

Hope to do more tomorrow. 

Until then....


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  1. Nice counter tops. I admire the work that you have done on this particular project, and your other projects are astonishing as well. I hope you can continue to make these beautiful things just like sofa bed couch. God bless!