Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quarter scale furniture started

Hi.  Woke up to rain today.  It was sunny by noon but very cold. 

School was fine today and the children were so cute.  We are learning some sight words.  How excited they get when they recognize words. 

We are back home.  It's a different change of pace.  However, I hate putting things away from the suitcases.  Does anyone like that job?

I began the painting on two of the quarter-scale kits.  The one kit has two chairs, probably for a kitchen.  I am putting on a white primer because I don't know exactly what color I want the final coat to be. 

I also started the open-front cabinet.  Since I like the colors suggested on the front of the kit package, I am also going to use yellow and green.  However, the yellow I chose is much brighter. 

Tomorrow night I will do some more on the kits.  Maybe I'll have several epiphanies!  Wouldn't that be nice?

Since I finished the tree, I found that another way to remove the "snow" from a bottle brush tree is to soak it in Dawn dishwashing detergent.  It melts it off.  I'll try that next time.  I have to order more greenery but I'll wait for a % off sale.

It's time to crash.  Kindergarteners, along with the lateness of getting home (4) just gets me so tired.  So, I'll be back!

Until then....


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