Monday, December 10, 2012

Eye candy and little else

Can you believe it is still raining?  Maybe one of my mini buildings should be an ark.

I am going to put lights on the tree when we get back to our house.  I might also do the ribbon circling rather than garland or maybe do the ribbon from top to bottom.  Have you seen that effect?  And I have to find my ornaments.

Talked to hubby about making a stand.  It will probably be attached to the round one on the original tree.  It isn't easy removing it.

So tomorrow we will be home.  And then I will be putting furniture together.  And doing other little things.

But I wanted to show you this great Cantilevered Floating Staircase by Deb Roberts.  The picture, with directions, is from and the directions are really great. 

Let me know if you want to try it and if you decide to do it, send me a photo.  I think I'll do it when I have free time.  It's in my favorites and on my to-do list.  LOL

So enjoy the eye candy and the tutorial.

Until then....


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