Thursday, December 6, 2012

The tree comes to life - halfway

Hi.  Cool but nice here in NJ.  Worked today but the class I have is so wonderful that they really don't need oversight.  Nice!

We are not at our home and I have to remember that when I begin projects.  I was going to put some quarter-scale furniture here but forgot the paint.  No matter how good I plan, I always forget something.

I began making the patterns for the QS furniture from the book I purchased.  I really like making the furniture.  I saw a tutorial today about making a 1:12 old-time clock-radio and I may make one.  It's also from mat board and balsa.
Greenery stuff

View from the top
View from the side
So, where am I on the tree?  I have about 75% of it done.  It did take more greenery that I thought it would.  And it is a bit messy, although not bad.  The tree needs to be very very bushy so that it can be trimmed to the proper shape.  There are enough pieces to fill in any bare spots.  I think it is coming along nicely. 

I hope to finish putting the branches on Saturday since we are having dinner guests tomorrow night and I don't anticipate having a lot of time. 

I have some preparations to make for the Christmas dinner party I am hosting on Saturday night.  I plan on having time to finish the tree branches.  Maybe I can then shape it on Sunday.  I haven't figured out how to do the trimming yet.  I want it to be almost perfect in shape. 

So, it's time to turn in.  Hope your day went well and tomorrow is wonderful. 

Until then....


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