Thursday, December 13, 2012

Boots cut out

Brrr....cold here.  Again.  I miss my sandals....

Today was a good day.  The children were really wound up, though.  And it's all about the holidays.  I guess I was like that, too.  Wait a minute!  Did they celebrate holidays in the stone age?  Hmmm...must look that one up.

I did not do any more on my little shelves.  I am looking for decals.  They have to be the right ones.  I don't like putting things on them just to be doing it. 

Going to Michael's and AC Moore tomorrow.  Maybe I'll see something in the scrapbooking area.

I will put the little chairs together on Saturday.  I didn't think I could concentrate enough to put something that small together.  Those legs are micro tiny.  Imagine.  This is 1:48.  I shudder at the 1:144 scale.

I do have to write out Christmas cards, which is what I'm going to do right now.  As soon as I finish this blog.

While I was away from my home, I cut out the pieces for the boots I want to make for one of my dolls.  Unfortunately, it will take the sewing machine and not glue.  So it will be started on Saturday.  I say started because Saturday will be busy for me.  I hope to  mini, mini, mini.  With no interruptions.  We'll see how successful I am.

The fabric is a soft flexible fabric in a deep garnet red, although it looks brown. The inner sole will be blue because I had some of it left from another project and it will be inside and unseen.  These boots will be for one of the boy dolls.  I love the color and hope they turn out nice.  Here's a picture of the cut-out boot pieces.  Looks easy but there is a lot of stitching required -- especially straight stitching -- the kind you can't mess up because it will look bad.

So here's to writing out cards.  Until then....

Feliz Navidad!


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  1. We made an apple tree at one of our club meetings last year. It is made from a bunch of thin wires to make the trunk and branches, covered with tape that can be painted to simulate bark. You must leave single bits of wire sticking out of the branches her and there to attached more leaves to. Then cover it in hundreds of leaves of and fimo/sculpey apples. The apples are made with a hole in the top to glue a bit of wire in to attach it to the tree.

    You can see a branch of it in the top left corner of the first picture in my latest post. It is in 1/12th scale. In your smaller scale I would experiment with other stuff to simulate leaves, but the trunk (beading wire?), branches and apples I would do the same way.

    Really looking forward to seeing the village as a whole!