Monday, December 17, 2012

Bookcase finished

Rain today.  It is so cool and damp out.  And I had to go back on antibiotics.  Can't be sick for the holidays, although I usually am.

School was fine today.  It's fun seeing some of them "get it." 

Since I wasn't in the best of health tonight, I only did the small bookcase.  It doesn't look like much but it took awhile to do.

Tweezers are the best tool.  And toothpicks to spread the glue.  On quarter-scale furniture, I've even applied paint with toothpicks.  It's easy and there's no mess.

So I took a picture of it and put it next to a pen so you could see the size difference.  Isn't it funny next to such a big item?

Time to turn in.  I'm exhausted!

Until then....


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  1. Love your book case and also that heart chair in another post. Perfect for fairies.... Have delightful Holidays.