Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cutting out the pieces

We didn't get snow!  Hurray!  Our Aussie friends, however, are getting temperatures of over 100 degrees F.  And yet it's so cold here.  Weather is amazing, isn't it?

Going out New Year's Eve.  Nothing to wear.  Really, Pat?  Yep.  Nothing.  Going to be a cold night and the club might now be warm enough.  What to wear?  Since it's two days away, I better act fast.  LOL

Had a bit of a scare this morning.  Last night, hubby had a bad reaction to peanut butter and his eye blew up.  He took Benadryl and it helped.  It didn't get any better overnight, though.  More itching.  More Benadryl.  More eye swelling.  But this time, it was accompanied by a slight restriction in breathing.  So this morning we went off to the hospital.  Why not last night?  He didn't wake me up.  Anyway, he's on a prednisone med for the next six days.  When I looked it up, there are many adults who suddenly get allergies with no warning.  And hubby loves peanut butter. 

So today started a bit late.  Chores, which were started late, came first before playing.  Life keeps getting in my way!

I made the patterns and then cut out the pieces.  On the bakery cabinet, I tried to make it in four pieces, mitering the corners.  I personally didn't like the cutting (which was me).  Sometimes cutting long thin pieces isn't the neatest way to do something.  So tomorrow I plan to cut out the entire piece and cut out the cardboard center, leaving the edges all intact.  That might work better.

Here is the completed piece, mitered and glued and set in the gluing jig.  I was trying to use only a few magnets but the cardboard kept popping up so I used a bunch.  I'll see how it comes out in the morning.  I'll let you see the other one I do tomorrow night.

Then I cut out the sides for the sleigh.  I wanted the entire sleigh to be white with white plush interior.  I cut out and glued the pieces for the seat.  I measured to make sure Rowena would fit.  (She's still in Paris so she couldn't do it personally.)   Now I might make it black with white interior or even red.  That's so common and everyone has it.  And the horse is a black Arabian stallion so I thought white might be the best choice.  I'm betwixt and between (words used by my mother).

So, it's time to hit the hay.  Tomorrow is another mini project day.

Until then....


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