Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another piece of furniture

Cold and damp here.  Tomorrow rain.  Maybe a touch of a snow shower.  And I'm still sick.  We need about two weeks of cold, cold weather to kill to germs everyone is passing around.  Just saw an ad for Hawaii.  Maybe there?  No, I'd be better off in Alaska!  Colder.

Today was a fun day.  Four of the children won citizenship awards, two for responsibility and two for something like kindness. Anyway, these four little ones really deserve the awards.  They are all so nice and helpful and kind. 

One more day and the holiday week begins.  Hurrah!  I am so, so ready.

After a dinner of pizza and Coke, I decided to work on one of the little pieces of furniture. 

I had no trouble with the furniture until I came to working with the little knobs.  I can't even measure them, they were so small.  They are about the size of the smallest seed bead.  So I put a dab of glue on the "drawer" section and a little touch of glue on the top of the knob.  I then carefully took a toothpick, picked it up on the one glue side and laid it down on the glue.  The little bit of glue on the top won't hurt the knobs. in fact, they look almost goldish.  I like that.  There is a bit of decoration on the top "drawer" so I am going to put some cream color in it to bring out the design.  Then it gets a coat of poly.

I cracked up when I saw the components of this chest.  A solid piece of wood and 4 tiny slats.  The top piece is flat on the back and the front is rounded.  I may buy some more pieces of wood and do a bunch of drawers!  They don't need to open.

So that was my evening. 

Tomorrow night I hope to begin making decorations for the tree.

Until then...


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