Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trees and stuff

We're back to April weather.  Know it is not for long.

Had to pack up for our week trip to hubby's son's house.  It's only about 14 miles away but when you are there every day, you need your stuff. 

I got the six-week (give or take a week) job in the bilingual kindergarten class and I'm excited about it.  Not excited about the 4:15 p.m. getting home (goes into my mini time) but happy about the opportunity and, of course, the money.  I start that job 12/10.  The next 3 days are with extremely bright middle schoolers.  Should be a good 3 days.

So, I made a list (of course).  I'm taking my clays and tools, miniature kits that I bought at the dollhouse show, several mini furniture kits for the new house, my laptop, and the two trees on this blog.  Oh and I'm taking clothes, too.

Today I received my packets of growies (yes, that's their official name).  These are for the spots that need such things in the village.  I have these in front of Rowena's house.  They are easy to use, although can be a bit messy.  If you use them, make sure there is paper underneath and no breezes.  Trust me on that one.  It will be used also in the flower shop.

Also pictured are two trees.  The before on the right is a "thing of beauty" (well, maybe not) with flocking.  It is a bottle brush tree (yes, that's it's official name).  So I gave it a haircut and removed all of the flocking, which took me forever because I thought it was a glue but it was more like a cement-type material.  It will be Rowena's Christmas tree.  Don't laugh.  There is a wonderful tutorial on making such a tree. This is only the base.  I will use something called lycopedium, a greenery that looks like evergreen material.  So we'll see how it goes.  I'll show you my progress as I go along.  I understand that to do it right, it takes a bit of time.  And I want it to last a long time. 

It's time to wrap up the day.  It's only 8 p.m. but I have miles to go before I sleep....  Come on, I never get to use this line.

Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then....


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