Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cabinet finished

Clear and cold in Toms River today.  Personally, I'm waiting for spring.  They are talking about possible snow next week.  I don't want that.  When it snows, there's no school.  No school, no pay.

Has everyone finished their holiday shopping?  I'm almost finished. 

Does anyone buy craft items from AC Moore?  If you have one close to you, there was a huge full-page ad today (valid Wednesday through Saturday) that included a 50% coupon on any regularly priced item.  That was in addition to Sunday's flyer with a 40% coupon on any regularly priced item.  Going there Friday night after our date night dinner.  I love those coupons.

Tonight I put the quarter-scale cabinet together. I don't know what house it will be in yet. I guess it's all according to what I will put in it.

I think it's very plain, even with the front panels so I will be looking for something to put on it. Decals or maybe I'll paint something. I'm no Van Gogh so maybe I'd be safer with decals.

It was very easy to assemble but one must be careful of the edges.  The little tabs stick out and they fit into the little holes or notches.  I was a bit nervous, thinking I'd break them off.  But I put glue on the tabs and on the edges, too, so the entire sides glue to the structure.  I want to go over the green paint again but I had to stop and let it dry. 

I really like it.  And it was only a few dollars.  Worth it because it was easy.  I like easy. 

So that's it for tonight.  It's beddy-bye time for me.   Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then....


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